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For Faculty

Course Lists

An interactive dashboard of courses tagged for one or more of the K-State 8 areas by their respective departments.


The nature and purpose of the K-State 8 program of courses is focused on a comprehensive breadth of knowledge in different academic areas, assessment of the program is designed to confirm that the courses 1xbet online casinoassociated with each area fulfill the mission of widening student perspectives, exploring relationships among subjects and building critical and analytical thinking skills. The following assessments are used to confirm the extent to which all students successfully experience the K-State 8 breadth areas in their academic program.

Student achievement of Undergraduate Learning Outcomes are assessed within each academic program addressing the competency 1xbet online sports bettingand rigor of the Bachelor credential.

Current assessment processes for the K-State 8 program include the following components:

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Procedures for tagging new courses and changing K-State 8 tags. Course tags originate and must be approved by the department and approved by academic affairs.

See details of course tagging

Courses and Credit Hours take in K-State 8 Areas

K-State 8 History

Read the history

The K-State 8 General Education Program Proposal (pdf)

K-State 8 Tagging Criteria and Guidelines Task Force Report and Recommendations (pdf)

K-State 8 Learning Outcome Assessment from 2014 - 2019

This link provides interactive charts 1xbet sports bettingand documents demonstrating student self-report of their learning experiences in K-State 8 courses disaggregated by the expected learning for each outcome category. With direct assessment of Institutional Outcomes collected through programmatic coursework, these indirect assessments were discontinued after Fall 2019, but were useful during the early development of the K-State 8.