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1xbet sports bettingAcademic advising is a partnership betwen advisors and students--and it is critical to academic success. Advisors support students in their educational planning, teach them how to navigate college and university resources, and encourage them to take responsibility for decisions about their academic progress.


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Learn more about K-State's decentralized academic 1xbet sports bettingadvising system and shared set of academic advising expectations; access resources for advisors and students; and discover the role that academic advising plays in students' success.

Exploratory Advising

The Exploratory Studies program at K-State provides a proactive and reflective approach to exploring and deciding on academic majors and career paths. We support students who 1xbet online games loginare deciding on their first major at K-State, transitioning out of their current major, working on the pre-requisities to join a new major, or need help with other general questions about majors, degree programs, academic advising, etc.


Navigate is a powerful tool that students use to make appointments with academic advisors and other services on campus, 1xbet online sports bettingplan and view class schedules, stay on top of important deadlines and to-dos, locate important campus resources, and explore different majors.

Pre-Professional Advising

Pre-Professional advisors provide guidance and programming to encourage students to explore professional fields and prepare for a competitive application to professional programs such as law, medicine, 1xbet online sports bettingpharmacy, physical therapy, physician assistant, dentistry, occupational therapy, nursing, veterinary medicine and more.


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102 Holton Hall
1101 Mid-Campus Dr. North
Manhattan, KS 66506